Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had so much fun dyeing our eggs!

Connor stayed entertained with a biter biscuit while we decorated eggs.

The Easter Bunny knows that at our house, we like to focus our Easter Sunday on the real reason we celebrate, so he always comes on Saturday. On Friday night, the kids put out their slippers (when I was little, the Easter Bunny always left a treat in our slippers) and then snuggled down next to each other on the floor in Caroline's room for an Easter sleepover. Even though they knew that the bunny wouldn't come if they didn't go to sleep, they kept getting up and coming into the living room. After the 5th time, a very frustrated Daddy said, "If you come out again, the Easter Bunny won't come tonight." When Caroline peeked her head around the sofa 5 minutes later, all he said was "Bring me your slippers." Saturday morning was a little sad when Caroline woke up and made a beeline for the slippers. There was nothing inside and no sign of the Easter Bunny anywhere.
Poor kids.

But later, in between Conference sessions after we'd had lunch, Daddy suggested that he and the kids go check on the little birds we're chicken-sitting for a friend. With a wink, he suggested that Mommy have "a nap". Which I gladly did, for about 2 minutes when I saw the van pulling into the drive. It was fun to lay there and listen to the surprise & excitement when they saw that the Easter Bunny had come after all. Clayton was the first to discover the visit. He ran into the living room, where the Easter Bunny had painstakingly "hidden" and arranged jellybeans and plastic eggs full of treats around the living room. I heard, "Dad, there's BEANS!!!!" and Caroline's delighted squeal soon followed. They ran in to "wake me up" and I loved every minute of it.

Amazed at the Easter Bunny's sneakiness.
Look! I found my basket!

Is that basket down there mine??? Nope...
...HERE's my basket!

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