Monday, January 4, 2010

My Baby's On the School Bus!

Yay! Seatbelts on our little "schoolbus"!!!

I called my sister 30 seconds after the bus pulled away from the stop to tell her in a somewhat panicked voice that "My baby's on the school bus!" I guess the tone of my voice registered before the words did because I caused her a minute of concern until it all came together in her brain. Surprisingly though, I did not cry. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the first day of preschool for Caroline. Excited for her. A little anxious. She's still so small! But last night as she got ready for bed, she decided that she wanted to sleep on the top bunk for the first time. I wonder if in her little head, "big girl going to school" equates "big girl sleeping in the top bunk"?

She boarded the bus (Ford Explorer - our school district is very small and there aren't many kids out this way right now so I suppose this is definitely better mileage-wise! Plus there are seatbelts!) this morning without any problem and was excited to learn from the bus driver and the little girl next to her that she's allowed to bring her new V-Smile gamer that she got from Santa on the bus to keep her entertained during the commute. I wonder how she's doing, and hope that our big-girl neighbor friend Annie helps her get to her classroom okay. She's excited for school lunch today - sausage gravy on a bisquit.

Waiting for the bus to meet us at the stop.

Sorry this post is so random. I needed to get my jumbled thoughts down NOW.

All ready to go!

I think I need to go breathe into a paper bag.


Jill said...

She'll love preschool and so will you! It's amazing to see their little brains comprehend and understand things from school. Plus, if the teacher sends home the things that Caroline will say at school, you and Jake will be in stitches.

Rachelle said...

Hang in there Millie!!!

Emilee said...

That's so hard, letting kids go places without their mommies. But I'm sure she did great.