Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Day (in no particular order)

I feel like my photos are a little Caroline-heavy. I seriously thought I took as many pictures of the boys - but maybe since Clayton did pretty much the same thing the rest of the day I figured I had enough pictures of him. Anyhoo - here's Christmas (only what, 3 1/2 weeks after the fact???)

Chillin' with Papa.

Mar and the boys p;aying with new Christmas toys.

Clayton's awesome Batmobile from Santa. When the key on the back is turned, the engine revs and then the car takes off and will go up to 20 feet. It came with a little Batman figure to go inside. He was lost before we came home.

Jake hiding at the top of the stairs and the rest of us posing by the stockings. We had
'little kid" Christmas fitst, and then while they played we raided our stockings.

Goin' fishing!

More of the Batmobile. It's all he wanted to play with.

Caroline & Aunt Cindy. I think someone was caught by surprise by the camera.

Nanny and Cath. Aren't they gorgeous???

Nan and Cindy. Breathtaking. Really.

Nanny, Cindy, Mar & Cath. Seriously. Beautiful women. Gives me a complex every time I go home. :)

Rodeo princess Caroline. Notice Clayton in the background gleefully chasing his batmobile.

Checkin' out the goods.

Cindy and Clayton on the new ATV. Even after they'd been out for awhile and were both turning into ice cubes, he didn't want to come in. He wanted to "go faster!!!"

Connor modeling his new hat & booties - handmade by Marilyn. I don't think we've gone a single day since Christmas that he hasn't worn the hat or booties or both.

More Mar & Connor.

Knight figurine (that came with a dragon from Caroline) and the now MIA Batman.

Pretty excited about the Tinkerbell toothbrush in her stocking. Clayton was stoked about the Spiderman toothbrush - he immediately unwrapped it - and then went back to playing with the Batmobile. I swear, I did try to take pictures of him doing other things.

She liked the Belle Pez dispenser too. And again, Clayton was pretty excited about the Batman one in his stocking. But it still didn't tear him away from his favorite toy for very long.

Mini Whinnies!!!

Not actually Christmas Day - but this is Caroline's Christmas dress. I made it and the matching one for her doll.

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