Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween at Home!

Snowed in.

This was actually the first night of snow (Wednesday). The drifts were up to 4 feet by the time the storm ended Friday.

No chance of getting out Friday night for the church Halloween party and the community's Moonlight Madness (which was postponed until next week! Yay!) So this is how we celebrated our Halloween at Home!

Before the storm hit, and before Daddy left us in the middle of the storm with no power so he could beat the weather to Missouri to take a farrier exam, we colored pumpkins! (It's just easier for us right now, AND then I can use them later to make yummy pumpkin treats!)

Friday's Frightful Fare:

Potion Punch (pink lemonade Koolaid with green food coloring. Looks gross. Tastes great!)

Batty toast. (Spread with nutella with white chocolate swirled holiday baking morsels for eyes.)

Monster fingers (coctail weinies wrapped in tortilla strips with ketchup nails.) and Eyeballs (mushroom caps with mozzerella cheese, black olive slices & a tiny piece of cherry pepper in the middle - my kids actually liked these better than the monster fingers. Weird kids.)

Pear ghost with chocolate chip facial features.

Pumpkin pizza.
What we did to cure the cabin fever on Saturday afternoon:
This is gonna be awesome....
here I go!!!
Climbing Everest.
Who needs sleds when you have slick snowpant hineys???
Yummy snow.
More yummy snow. The kid couldn't get enough and found it was easier to just stick his face in it for a mouthful. Crazy boy!
Our snowman.

Saturday's Spooky Supper:

The Pear Witch Project (Pear, pomegranate seeds, craisin, shredded carrot, tortilla & Nutella. The cat is a tuna sandwich with cream cheese we colored with black food coloring.)
Black food coloring is awesome. *EXTREME SARCASM*
All dressed up, and nowhere to go! Batman & Batgirl. Total for both costumes: $9.00 (would've been $4, except Clayton HAD to have the Batman snowmask, and I caved so I wouldn't have to engineer the construction of one myself. Plus, it perfectly matched the onesie I freezer paper stenciled myself.)
Pin-the-tail-on-the-black-cat. Clayton didn't want to play, so Caroline commandeered all the tails.


Marianne & Clayton said...

You have got to be joking with that snow! Ugh! But at least your kids have the world's funnest mom to make up for it. Nice spread!

Christina said...

Wow, I can't believe how much snow you got! And all the food and costumes you made look amazing. Hopefully you can get to town to show the kids off and do a little trick-or-treating soon.

Julianna said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween even without the tricker teating and stuff. The snow looks like a blast. We had beautiful weather, shorts and t-shirts weather, but you give and take some because Eyla keeps asking for snow and I wouldn't mind getting it either.

Shannon said...

What a fun Halloween! And what yummy looking food. The kids are adorable in their costumes!