Friday, October 9, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Connor & I had our 6-week checkup on Wednesday. It was actually 7 weeks because that was when they could fit us in the schedule.
The doctor had us go in at 1 week instead of two and Connor weighed 8 lbs at that point (he'd gained 8 oz in the 4 days since we'd taken him home from the hospital. So here we are 6 weeks later with a 12.6 lb baby boy. He may not have started life out as heavy as his big brother, but he sure seems eager to catch up! I just want him to stay little a bit longer. But I have to admit, those chubby thighs and kissable cheeks are definitely an adorable bonus to the weight gain!


jer and lou's crew said...

makes me want to squeeze his cheeks and have another one kind of maybe someday...loves

Shannon said...

I love squishy legs and cheeks!

Lloyd and Shirley said...

good to see Connor; missed you at club; please email me back regarding our next get together, need to know what you are bringing