Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tutu too!!!

My cute, clever, crafty, creative sister-in-law Christina posted a couple of days ago about the cute tutus she made her girls for Christmas. She included links to some tutorials. It couldn't have come at the more perfect time. I had been planning on making Caroline a tutu as well, but hadn't gotten around to starting it and wasn't sure where to start when it came to the engineering of all that fluff. Thanks to Christina, I have a completed Fairy outfit complete with wings, a headband & of course, the tutu. Total cost for project: $0 Feeling of accomplishment from being thrifty and crafty: Priceless! Thanks, Christina!!! And here's the links I stole off her blog:


Story Family said...

That is adorable!! You should sell those. The fairy wings are so cute. My heck, are truly a wonderment!

WE LIVE IN GAITHERSBURG!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT? Let me know when you are coming!!!

Christina said...

Wow, you totally one-upped mine! So cute the little ribbons and flowers and jewels and I love the wings and headband. Good thing my girls can't read and don't know what they are missing! Amazing!