Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Clayton is 5.  Today.  This morning, five years ago, I was snuggling with my giant (9 lb. 9oz) baby after a 24 hour long labor.  Totally worth it!  He is such a sweetheart, and I often refer to him as my gentle giant.  He is sensitive and loving and such a good helper.  He's the first to respond to Cooper's cries and can get a good gut-chuckle out of his baby brother easily.  He's unbelievably creative, and his imagination keeps me -and his brothers and sister- in stitches and thoroughly entertained everyday!  He is constantly changing identities - the dress-up box is the most used container of toys in the house!  I especially love that we have our own superhero flying around this house to help out in times of trouble....and even when there's no trouble to be found!  Clayton, you bring us so much joy and we love you!!!
Clayton (baby on the bottom) and the baby across the hall in the hospital. Born the same day, but with about 4 lbs. difference between them. 

About 3 months.  Serious deja vu.  I frequently look at Cooper and think, "I've seen this face twice before!" 

One Year Old! So. Stinkin'. Cute.

Second Birthday - shortly after the beginning of the Batman obsession.  
And also, just days after Connor's birth.  Hence the sad brownies with frosting piped not-so-carefully on top. But it was Batman.  So he didn't care.  (AND, he totally looks like Connor to me here.  Which is funny, because sometimes I don't think they look anything alike.)

Happy three-year-old.  (He got a superhero party that year and was beyond excited!) 

Four years old and keeping the peace in our home. 

Imaginative 5 year old.  Yesterday, he put on this interesting ensemble, without the "hat".  I told him that he sortof looked like a knight, to which he replied, "Then I need a helmet.  Where's the bumbo?"  I think it's interesting that he recognized the shape of a medieval knight's helmet's nose guard on the bumbo seat.  That's the kind of creativity I'm talking about.

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Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Butler Boys! What a fun week of celebrations.