Monday, August 16, 2010

Butler Family Reunion

Our family rotates our reunions every year. This year was an adults-only getaway (with the exception of two little ones). Last year was the whole family together and the year before that was girls weekend.

With my hottie at the top of the mountain. What a view! (Oh, and the trees and mountains are nice, too.)
We rode the tram to the top of the mountain, where the chipmunks are so tame they'll eat out of your hand. I think that was one of the highlights for me - feeding the rodents.
Jared, Christina & Porter on the tram. I miss this woman (okay, and her hubby and baby, too - but mostly her!) We had so much fun - we sortof did everything together since we both had babies on board. But, she is moving to Utah this week, which is much closer than Michigan, where they've been for the last few years.
Jake & Connor on the tram.
Cutie Cousins after the tram.

Jared feeding the chipmunks.

My hand and a chipmunk. I haven't gotten pics yet from the other family members' cameras that actually show me feeding the little guys.
We wandered around downtown and visited the shops. But there's only so much that is different in each t-shirt, candy and rustic decor place you walk into.

Mr. Cool chilling out with a refreshing drink.

We ate at the Grumpy Gringo. And now we know why it is called that.

And we visited "Fun City" - with go karts and a huge slide. I think that was another highlight for me. My competetive side came out a little bit and I figured out why I'm not usually that eager to get in there and try to win. I usually get thrashed.
Jake racing around the track - I promise, I wasn't far behind.
This just made me mad. I was in the lead - in front of the WHOLE family, and just before the last bump I slowed down and ended up last.

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Carol said...

Hi, Millie, Those chipmunks remind me of my father, your grandfather, taking us up to Banff, Canada, where the chipmunks were as friendly, climbing up on our hands to eat. Those slides remind me of the fun slides at Lagoon. Enjoy your blog and your family ! Want to share your zucchini with us ? Aunt Carol. :-)