Monday, February 1, 2010

How Do I Love Thee... 2010 Edition - Day One

Your Patience. I love that you hardly ever get riled up about things. Your layed-back personality helps keep me calm & grounded and creates such a peaceful feeling in our little home. It helps so much to have your perspective & relaxed attitude when it comes to teaching our little ones and dealing with the *occasional* tantrum as well (especially on the days when those tantrums are well, NOT occasional.)


Christina said...

Is this a test to see if we have patience too? If so, good one! I've been waiting for your other posts leading up to V-day about how you love Jake and when they didn't happen, I thought either you are really busy (which I totally understand, no pressure) or pulling a joke on us, your faithful readers. Either way, I love you and hope things are good!

Christina said...

OR...Jake's just not doing it for you this year and you can't think of 13 other things you love about him. (Way to go, Jake!)


Emily said...

Great post! Thanks for checking in on me...looks like your family is having a ton of fun! It was good to "chat" with you.