Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just for the Cuteness of It!

I should be finishing up the preparation of my Relief Society lesson right now. And cleaning up the rest of the house. And completing the craft room makeover/last minute-find-homes-for-everything-so-it's-tidy-for-Sunday blitz. But nah, I'd rather be looking at this:

And this:

(Tonight was haircut night for the Butler Boys. Connor doesn't get a haircut, yet. But that doesn't stop me from playing with it! Clayton had no hair in front at this age. Both he & Caroline were born with darker hair that all fell out and came back in blonde. Connor's doesn't seem to be doing that. Yet. Hopefully it won't. I'm loving what he's got.)

And then, remember this???

That is now this:

(Have I mentioned lately how much I love those chubby thighs???)

Again, skinny little 22 inch newborn:

Even longer chubby 3 1/2 month old:

Incidentally, I was reading through our Christmas letter from two years ago today (amazing what you find when you go through the piles of junk in your craft room to make room for everything in a smaller space.) In it, it mentioned Clayton's length & weight at this time 2 years ago. Since their birthdays are only 2 days apart, it makes it easy & fun to see where each one is/was at the same time. Apparently, Clayton was 27 inches long (sheesh!) and 17 lbs.! I'm not sure on Connor's length right now, but Jake was holding him the other day and stepped on the bathroom scale. Then he handed me the baby and it went down 17 lbs. Craziness. I'll be interested to see what the measurements are on Tuesday when we head in for our well baby check.


Cath (Taffy) said...

I LOVE his onesy!!! =D

Rachelle said...

So adorable!

Jill said...

What a cutie! 17 lbs already? Good heavens! I think my kids will be stunted forever. Emery has been passed by all of his friends here, he's only 34 lbs and all of the other boys are 40+.

Julianna said...
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Julianna said...

He is so cute and I love his hair. He reminds/looks like Caroline to me. Also it looks like I've got the chunky one this time, Rockwell is 15 lbs and what a whole 2 months younger than your little man.