Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FHE - A Night at the Circus! Just Kidding

We were so excited last night! On the last day of school last week, my niece & nephew brought home tickets for a circus that was visiting town. Unfortunately, they were not going to be in town for the event, so my sister-in-law offered them to us. We hopped in the van just as it started to rain, but we figured since the rain had been off and on the last few days, we'd be okay. We got to the fairgrounds and it was still raining. It was then that we discovered that this particular circus was NOT under the "big top", but on grandstands under a covering. We were disappointed, but there was no way we were going to sit for an hour and a half in a windy, rainy, damp, chilly arena with two small kids. So we drove to the back of the fairgrounds, where we could see an elephant munching on grass and let the kids have a gander at him for a few minutes. Then we opted to go see "UP" in 3-D at our local movie theater. We picked up Jake's sister who is on her own for a few weeks so she could join in on the FHE fun! The kids thought the 3-D glasses were pretty cool, and we spent the few minutes before the movie started modeling them.


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We were at the circus and they closed it early. So we are going to Up tonight.

Emilee said...

Love the shades. They look great. :)

The purse pattern for the prom purse is the Buttercup bag by Rae Hoekstra (It's everywhere, you can google it.)
I just made it shorter to be a little more formal and added a gathered fabric strip of a ruffle flower with a covered button in the middle. (A note on the pattern: She doesn't say to interface your fabric, but I think if you use quilting weight cotton, it needs to be interfaced to hold up.)