Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sweet Teaching Moments

The other day, Caroline & I were reading the "Friend" magazine (a publication by our church especially for children). There was a story about a little girl and her mommy who were looking at a wedding picture in front of the temple and the little girl was telling her mom that she looked like a princess in front of a castle. (To see the story, click here: was a perfect opportunity to talk to Caroline about our wedding portrait in front of the Monticello, Utah temple. She knows what the temple is (in fact, when we got back from my parents' home in Monticello which is right by the temple, last summer, the first thing she asked was "where's the temple?") But it gave us a chance to talk about being a forever family. Then she asked if she could see my white dress.


weryoungs said...

Millie! I just love your blog. It is so creative and so you. Good job on your header and everything else. This is fun huh?!

Christina said...

Millie, I love your blog! How did you do your top picture part, did you do it paper or digital? It looks great, I'm glad you are joining the blogger world. Keep the updates coming!